Friday, August 31, 2012

♫ Untouchable Like a Distant Diamond Sky

[Cynful]-DC-Blue Corset [Mesh]
Paper Bag-Allison Top [Black]
X-Ray-High Waisted Zipper Skirt
{Essences}-Indy Gentle Skin
RedGrave-Linda Shoes [12 Colors]
Vanity-Sunset Blvd Hair
Pink Acid-Baby Doll Lipstick
{LC}-Argola London Earrings
{LC}-Argola London Bracelet
[DDL]-Bitter Sweet Watch
Mstyle-Perfect Hand-Longest Nails

Thursday, August 30, 2012

♫ Ashaaliyah ♥

G.U.I.L.T.Y-Ashaaliyah Shape  New
VF-Dark Denim Bow Skirt By PaperBag
[AlVul0]-Leilani Skin [Milk Tone]
Izzie's-Faceted Wood Bangles
DeeTalez-Sheer Open Back Top
Truth-Aura Black&Whites Hair
V9-Penelope Platform-Taupe

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

♫ I Just Do What I Want =p

[Cynful]-Hoodie it Up-Keep Calm New
[Cynful]-Flowery Tattoo
[AlVul0]-Miha Skin*Soleil Milk
*BooN-YNO421 Hair Gold/Blonde/Sandy
>Puncture<-Belly Chain-Heart
[Ey-No]-Combo Earrings
[Ey-No]-Mess Bangles
[Diktator]-Obey Spine Heels Booties
MStyle-Perfect Hands-Longest Nails

Monday, August 27, 2012

♫ Huggies =^.^=

[Cynful]-Enjey Jeans Short-Dark Blue  New!
Izzie's-Gradient Nails  New!
~Coloretas~-Hearty Jersey
Truth-Foukje Hair[Dark Browns]
Candy Doll-Ela Skin[C'Cream]
Slink-llena Sandals [Black]
Slink-Women Natural Barefeet
EarthStones-Bikini Beads-Moonlight
>Puncture<-Eyebrow Implants Piercing
>Puncture<-Dermal Gemstone Piercing[Clavicle]

Monday, August 20, 2012

♫ Why So Serious?

My Attic-Deliciosa Lingerie-5 Colors By [Cynful]
[AlVul0]-Polly2 Skin [Natural*Caramel]
Avale-Novella Skirt-White
Kyoot-Soft Resolution Top
[Celoe]-Didri Bangles.extra
Truth-Soleil Hair Light Browns
NCore-Zen Sandals [Brown]

♫ Minnie ♥ Chanel

[PRF]-Croped Denim Vest Minnie Pink By G0k
[PRF]-Minnie Fierce HeadBand By G0k
[PRF]-Teaser Bodysuit Pink By G0k
G0k-Wheres My Minnie Pink Chain
G0k-Wheres My Minnie Pink Earrings
[AlVul0]-Leilani Skin [Fatpack Milk]
[AlVul0]-Valkyria Eyes [FatPck]
Vintage Fair-80's Round Nails By Izzie's
Pink Acid-Yogurt Lip Gloss+Blush
~imbue~-Highwaist Cutoffs {Black}
Def!-Ladyz/Wedge Sneakers/Hella/Black

Thursday, August 16, 2012

♫ Nerdy But Cute =^.^=

                         [Left ]
Perfect Wardrobe-Nerd Sniper Shirt [Mesh] By .:YoPulga:.
~Pepper~-Jogger Shorts-Black [Mesh]  New
Vintage Fair-80's Round Nails By Izzie's
Perfect Wardrobe-I Love Nerds Bag By ~Pepper~
[AlVul0]-Sally Skin*Pink [Porcelain]

.:YoPulga:.-Teal Flower Heart Shirt [Mesh]  New
~Pepper~-Jogger Shorts-Brown [Mesh]  New
Vintage Fair-80's Round Nails By Izzie's
[AlVul0]-Debbie Skin*Natural [Butter]
*League*-Shin Boots
 *League*-Gartered Socks
[e]-Studio Hair-Golden Browns
Miel-Friendo Bracelet
I♥Fashion-Key Of Soul Necklace

♫ Aspire To inspire before u expire!

G0K-Panel Cardi [Peach]  New
*JeSyLil0*-Scarlett*Lightskin [FatPack]  New
Slave-Beads Sandals [Mesh]  New
(BR)-The Latex Dress [Black]- No Longer av.
[e]-Control Hair [Rich Browns]
{Mon tissu}-Shorts-Minx-White
[Glow]-Amelie Pearl Necklace

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


[Cynful]-T-Dress Black Lace  New
Slink-Lulu Stilletos [Black]
[Lelutka]-Daysi Hair/Dark Brunette
<Puncture>-Belly Chain-Cross
Ryca-CBL Gold Bangles
Ryca-Lic Long Gold Necklace
MG-Ketama&Roho Rings

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

♫ Pardon My Swag

Gok-Varsity Vest Vintage  New!
Amerie-Mesh Skinny Pants
Def!-Ladyz/Wedge Sneakers Hella
[Lelutka]-Swish Hair/Dark Grayscale
*Boom*-Sports Bra[White]
Ryca-Leaf Gold Necklace
Ryca-Strong Gold Earrings
{LC}-Bracelet London Gold
[DDL]-BitterSweet Watch
MStyle-Perfect Hand-Longest Nails


TDR Blue-Ruffle Mesh Skirt By [Cynful]
Panda Punx-Reena Skin - Group Gift(50L Join)
L'Exception-I Love NY
[PM]-Fae White Sandals
LaViere-Freya Hair/Browns Pack

Monday, August 6, 2012

♫ Hey You!!

.::F::.-Alecia Skin[Fat Pack]  New!
[Cynful]-NoName Denims Pants  New!
Ricielli-Leslie Mesh Shirt BR VH#2 [15L/Item]
Ricielli-Color Block EyeShadows BR VH#10 [15L/Item] 
Slink-Womens Natural Barefeet[Mesh]
Slink-Ilena Sandals[Black]
[Ey-No]-Combo Earrings Set
{LC}-Bracelet London
*Dura*-Girl*28 Black Hair

♫ Good Morning :D

Vintage Fair-Amanda Skin[1986 All Tones] By [AlVul0]
GOK-Gypsy Skirt Ombre Exclusive Sis Bloggers
Kyoot-Lacey Little Top[White]
[U.L]-Be Mine Necklace[Yellow]
[PM]-Bare Feet-Pour Femme  New!
[PM]-Flip Flops[White]  New!
Vintage Fair-Julie Hair[Browns] By .Ploom
[Ey-No]-Body Strings Butterflies

Sunday, August 5, 2012

♫ Live Fast,Die Pretty

Izzie's-Loose Crochet Top
Izzie's-Cracked Nails
I <3 SL Fashion-Zia Denim Short By [Cynful]
[TDR]-Candy*Summer Sunset Skin By [AlVul0]
NGelic-Inca Sandals with Color Hud
Izzie's-Heart Bag [Full Pack]
[e]-Midnight Hair[Rich Browns]
[Ey-No]-Flamingo Glasses
[Ey-No]-Hanging Butterflies Necklace&Earrings
[Ey-No]-Mess BanglesG [Gold]

Saturday, August 4, 2012

♥ Yay New Beginning ☻

[AlVul0]-Reflection Eyes[Fatpck]-  New
[AlVul0]-Tabata Skin [1968 All Tones]-  New
!Pepper~-Summer Bracelets-  New
[Cynful]-Aphrodisia Dress[ice Blue]-  New
-NL--Gala Shape with Nails&Brows
[TC]-Tirn Short Hair[4 Pck]- 30L
Ryca-B*tch Platinum Necklace
[Diktator]-Dare HorseShoe Sandals-  New
MIEL-Troupe Watch[Bright]

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